March 07, 2012

Solid State - II One Mark Questions

1. An example for metal deficiency defect is
a) NaCl                  b) AgCl                       c) FeS                          d) CsCl
2. An ion leaves its regular site and occupies a position in the space between the lattice sites. This defect is called as
a) Schottky defect b) Frenkel defect        c) impurity defect       d) vacancy defect.
3. In a simple cubic cell, each point on a corner is shared by
a) one unit cell       b) two unit cells          c) eight unit cells         d) four unit cells.
4. In Bragg's equation ‘n’ represent
a) number of moles b) Avogadro number c) quantum number     d) order of reflection.
5. Rutile is
a) TiO2                  b) Cu2O                      c) MoS2                      d) Ru.
6. Semiconductors which exhibit conductivity due to the flow of excess negatively charged electron are called
a) superconductors                                    b) n-type semiconductors
c) p-type semiconductors                          d) insulators.
7. The Bragg's equation is
a) λ = 2d sinθ        b) nd = 2 λ sinθ           c) 2 λ =  nd sinθ          d) n λ= 2d sin θ.
a) 3                        b) 4                              c) 6                              d) 8.
a) simple cube       b) face-centred cube   c) body-centred cube d) edge-centred cube.
10. The number of chloride ions present per unit of CsCl
a) 6                        b) 8                              c) 1                              d) 4
11. The number of close neighbours in a body centred cubic lattice of identical sphere is
a) 6                        b) 4                              c) 12                            d) 8.
12. The size of the anion in Frenkel defect crystal is
a) larger than the cation                            b) smaller than the cation
c) equal in size with cation                        d) both are larger in size.
13. The total number of atoms per unit cell in bcc is
a) 1                        b) 2                              c) 3                              d) 4.
14. Crystal lattice with coordination number four is
a) CsCl                  b) ZnO                            c) BN                        d) NaCl