March 06, 2012

Chemistry in Our Life - GK

1.  Barium salts are used in fireworks to produce green colour.
2. Chlorine, Ozone, Alum are used for purifying drinking water.
3. Cooking gas mainly consists of  methane, butane and propane.
4. Diamond, an allotrope of carbon is the hardest substance on earth.
5. Ethyl mercaptans / ethanethiol (C2H5SH) is added to LPG gas for imparting a detectable smell during leakage.
6. Lead contaminate the air of big cities
7.  Nitrogen gas is usually filled in the electric bulb in order to avoid the oxidation of the tungsten filament.
8. Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is known as “Laughing gas”.
9. Silicon carbide (SiC, equal to the hardness of diamond) is used for cutting very hard substances.
10. Water (H2O) is known as “Universal solvent”.