March 07, 2012

f - Block Elements One Mark Questions

1. _____  is used in gas lamp material / The compound / oxide used in gas lamp material is
a) MnO2                b) CeO2                      c) N2O5                      d) Fe2O3
2.  ------- form(s) oxocations / Elements that form oxocations are
a) Lanthanides      b) Actinides                c) Noble gases             d) Alkali / base metals.
3. _____ is the oxidation state of U in UF6.
a) +6                      b) +4                            c) +3                            d) 0.
4. According to Fajan’s rule, decrease in size of Ln3+ ion in Ln(OH)3
a) increases the covalent character            b) decreases the covalent character
c) increases the basic character                 d) increases the ionic character
5. Alloys of Lanthanides are called as
a) Misch metals     b) Metalloids               c) Plate metal              d) Actinides.
6. Among the Lanthanide elements, with the increase in atomic number the tendency to act as reducing agent
a) increases            b) decreases                 c) no change                d) none of these.
7. Ceria / CeO2 is used in
a) toys                   b) tracer bullets           c) gas lamp material    d) none of these.
8. Lanthanide contraction is due to
a) perfect shielding of 3d electron            b) imperfect shielding of 3d electron
c) perfect shielding of 4f electron             d) imperfect shielding of 4f electron.
9. Maximum oxidation state exhibited by Lanthanides is / The maximum oxidation state exhibited by Lanthanide is
a) +3                      b) +4                            c) +6                            d) +7 /
 a) +1                      b) +3                            c) +2                             d) +4.
10. Oxidation state exhibited by lanthanides is / The (most) common oxidation state of lanthanides is
a) +2                      b) 1                              c) +3                            d) +4. /
a) + 2                     b) + 3                           c) + 4                           d) + 6.
11. The elements in which extra electron enter  (n - 2) f orbital are
a) s-block elements b) p-block elements  c) d-block elements     d) f-block elements.
12. The fuel used in nuclear power plant is
a) Copper              b) Lead                        c) Uranium                  d) Radium.
13. The isotope / Which is used as a power source in long mission space probes is
a) U-235                b) Pu-235                    c) Pu-238                     d)  U-238. /
      a) Uranium-235     b) Uranium-238           c) Plutonium-238        d) Mish metal.
14. The long mission space probes use as power source....
a) Pu                      b) Pm                           c) Th                            d) U.
15. The radioactive element of lanthanide is
a) Cerium              b) Promethium            c) Gadolinium             d) Lutetium
16. The radioactive lanthanide is / Which of the following is a radioactive lanthanide
a) terbium              b) lutetium                   c) promethium             d) gadolinium. /
a) Gadolinium       b) Promethium            c) Lutetium                 d) Cerium. /
      a) Pu                      b) Ac                           c) T'h                           d) Pm.
17. ThO2 / Thoria is used in
a) toys                   b) tracer bullets           c) gas lamp material    d) dyeing cotton.
18. Which is used in gas lamp materials?
a) Ceria                 b) Thoria                      c) Misch metal            d) Both (a) & (b).