March 08, 2012

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Fundamental Skills
Computer Operation  Skills
Application Software Skills
Internet Skills
World Wide Web (WWW) Skills
Turning a computer on or off
Creating a word  processing document
Using World Wide Web
Using www search engine, e.g. Goggle or Yahoo
Opening and closing a computer file
Modifying an existing  word document
Sending an e-mail message
Using keywords or phrases to search for information using www
Making a back-up copy of  a computer file
Printing out a document
Using www for finding specific information
Using more advanced searching techniques than keywords or phrases
Deleting a computer file
Placing an image or a graph into a document
Taking part in an on line discussion or chat
Finding useful information from www search
Creating a folder or directory
Creating an image or a graph using a computer
Sending an attachment with an e-mail
Using information from the www in projects or assignments
Copying a file from one disk to another
Using an extended word processing feature such as table, equation,  etc.
Downloading a file from the Internet or www
Copying and pasting information from searches into personal documents
Connecting to the Internet from a remote computer from home
Creating a graph using a spreadsheet package such as Excel
Saving an Image or a graphic from a www page
Using a bookmark to record a useful www address
Installing a program onto the computer, eg. MS office
Making a multimedia presentation, eg. PowerPoint
Creating a www page
Using a known www address to find useful information

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