March 08, 2012

Hydroxy Derivatives One Mark Questions

1. A compound that undergoes bromination easily is
a) benzoic acid      b) benzene                   c) phenol                     d) toluene.
2. Compound which is used as medicine for Asthma and Whooping cough is
a) Benzyl acetate   b) Ethyl acetate           c) Benzyl benzoate      d) Benzyl formate.
3. Ethylene diamine forms glycol with
a) nitrous acid       b) Na2CO3 solution    c) NaHCO3 solution   d) Baeyer's reagent.
4. Order of reactivity of alcohol towards sodium metal is
a) primary < secondary > tertiary b) primary > secondary > tertiary
c) primary < secondary < tertiary d) primary > secondary < tertiary.
5. Oxidation of glycerol with bismuth nitrate gives
a) meso-oxalic acid b) glyceric acid          c) tartronic acid           d) both (b) and (c).
6. The active component of dynamite is
a) kieselghur          b) nitroglycerine          c) nitrobenzene            d) trinitrotoluene
7. The characteristic odour of lower phenols is
a) carbolic acid      b) fruity                       c) oil of bitter almonds d) rotten fish
8. The compound that reacts fastest with Lucas reagent is / The reaction of Lucas reagent is fast with
a) butan-1-ol          b) butan-2-ol       c) 2-methyl propan-1-ol  d) 2-methyl propan-2-ol. /
a) 1-butanol           b) 2-butanol         c) 1–propanol                   d) 2-methyl-2-propanol /
a) ethanol              b) methanol           c) 2-propanol                    d) 2-methyl-2-propanol.
9. The isomerism exhibited by l-propanol and methoxy ethane is
a) chain                  b) position                   c) functional                d) metamerism.
10. The number of secondary alcoholic group(s) in glycerol is
a) 1                        b) 2                              c) 3                              d) 0
11. The reaction of ethylene glycol with PI3 gives
a) ICH2 CH2I       b) CH2 = CH2            c) CH2 = CHI                         d) ICH = CHI.
12. When phenol is distilled with zinc dust it gives
a) benzaldehyde    b) benzoic acid            c) toluene                    d) benzene.

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