March 16, 2012

**Molecular structure Viewer, Calculator, Draw
1.  ACD LABS_chemsketch12- To draw chemical structures & graphical images.
2.   Orbital Viewer - Display atomic or molecular electron probability function.
3.   Rastop
5.   Avogadro-1.0.3-win32 

6. ODYSSEY - A unique teaching program for introductory and general chemistry classes in high schools, colleges and universities.
7.  Chem 4-D - Draw Chemical Structures Intelligently.
8. ChemDoodle - An Innovative 2D Chemical Drawing Package.
9.  ChemBioDraw - Scientifically Intelligent Drawing Tools.
10. Chemcraft - A graphical program for working with  quantum  chemistry computations.
11. ChemMaths - A chemical engineering, mathematical and chemistry program.
12. Accelrys Discovery Studio (DS) Visualizer - A software solution for life science visualization, modeling and analysis.
13. GaussView - A program for viewing molecules and reactions and getting to better understand how and why things happen in the chemistry world.
14. Gaussian 09 -
15. HyperCube HyperChem - Allows a user to display optimized structures, vibrational spectra and animations of normal modes plus 3D renderings of orbitals, electron densities, and electrostatic potentials.
16. Spartan - A tool for exploring organic, bioorganic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry by way of molecular mechanics and quantum chemical calculations, together with an array of graphical models for conveying the results of these calculations.
17. Symyx Draw - Enables you to electronically draw and insert your sketches into documents, Web pages, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can also use Symyx Draw to create structures to register into 2D and 3D molecule, polymer, and reaction databases, and to create queries for searching these databases.
18. Atomscope -
19. FX Chem 2 - Typing Chemical Equations the Easy Way. 
20. FX ChemStruct 1 - Drawing Chemical Structures Quickly. 
21. FX Chem 2 - Typing Chemical Equations the Easy Way. 
22. ScienceWord  - Professional scientific document processor. Combine words, formulae, graphics, curves, surfaces with logic and 3D graphics by unique non-linear editing. Type words, formulae and graphics together, and solve problems of non-linear and linear document mixed editing.